Community Dinner Reflections


On January 20th we hosted our first Community Dinner in the Turansky’s home. It was such a great opportunity to build new friendships, swap Baltimore stories, eat good Mexican food and laugh together. 

We originally planned the community dinners so that we could go deeper with people we were meeting around town. Baltimore is an incredibly receptive community; open to friendship. We needed a venue that would serve as an opportunity for extended conversations and building friendships. The Community Dinners are a zero commitment event meaning that there is no long term commitment beyond the dinner. Just come and enjoy the food and the people you meet. 

At the end of the evening we had a brief conversation about what a healthy church would look like in Baltimore. The floor was open for anyone to share what a healthy church would look like in southeast Baltimore. 

There were a number of great points brought up including: 

  • People have some fears about church. They think the church is out for my money or the church is going to be judged. 
  • People need to be loved and sought out. 
  • The big churches in the city came out to engage in the community when there was a crisis, but they aren’t very visible on a regular basis. 
  • Develop community in small group settings just like this dinner 
  • Look for opportunities to serve our city. Look for God to open doors. 

Everyone found parking!

One of our concerns going into the evening was parking. Our street and the surrounding neighborhoods are often completely full. We were not sure what to expect. But come 6:00 PM sharp the door knocks started. Everyone found parking close to the house. That is a huge answer to our prayers. 

I have to give a quick shout out to Tortilleria Sinaloa for their food. They have amazing Mexican food. Their meat was incredible. It will be hard to beat that quality next time around. 

We also received a number of great Baltimore City recommendations: 

 Stay posted for the next community dinner.