Pray for Baltimore

We need prayer partners who are willing to faithfully intercede for a block in our ministry focus area. Our church is partnering to reach a collection of neighborhoods in Southeast Baltimore. And we need your help. There are over 250 square blocks in our ministry focus area. If you would be willing to pray for a block on a regular basis please let us know.

1. Pick a Block

Red Dots = Residential blocks needing a prayer partner

Yellow Dots = Business or open blocks needing a prayer partner

Blue Dots = Blocks currently adopted by at least one individual

Green Dots = Resident attends Haven City Church

2. Tell Us Which Block You Want to Pray For

Fill out this small form to tell us which block you want to pray for, your name and how we can send you updates about your block. 

Name *

3. Pray

  • Pray that your block would know, understand and believe the gospel

  • Pray that God would cause good to overcome evil and that Satan’s influence would be reduced

  • Pray for God’s provision in the midst of poverty

  • Pray for the restoration of families

  • Pray for the physical protection of each life

4. Stay Posted for Email Updates 

We will be sending out email alerts on a regular basis with updates about Southeast Baltimore. While you wait to hear about specific needs please keep praying for the people in your block.