To be a neighborhood church in Southeast Baltimore that loves Jesus, preaches the Gospel, and lives like missionaries in our everyday lives.


Sunday Evenings - 6:00 - 7:30 PM

Join us as we gather weekly on Sunday evenings. We continue to build community, pray for the city and develop into a gospel-centered church. Our gatherings are held in the heart of Fells Point at the Compassion Center.

Now is the time to begin inviting people into our Sunday evening gatherings. All are welcome. In addition to Bible teaching Josh will make it a point to share a short gospel message so that those who do not have a personal relationship with God can respond. We will also try to incorporate meals into our Sunday evenings so that hanging out is all that much more fun.


Haven City Church has nine core values that are woven into church life. You can view our Statement of Faith here. 

1. The Gospel 

We value the Gospel because it is the message that changes us individually, unifies us as God’s family and compels us to act on behalf of the city. The Gospel stands in contrast to a religion of dead works and legalism. As a church we celebrate the gospel through expository preaching and intentional acts that expose the city to it’s truth.

2. Continuationist

We believe that the Holy Spirit continues to gift the church so that it can be Christ’s presence in our city. Jesus and the early church were used by the Holy Spirit to do miraculous works to validate the gospel message and demonstrate God’s love for the community. This work of the Holy Spirit has not ceased since the first century of the church and as we gather we anticipate God’s continued power to be at work in in and through us.

3. Complementarian

God has uniquely designed men and women with distinct genders and has called them both to cooperatively do the work of the ministry. We ask men and women to step up and use their spiritual gifts so that God’s purposes for the church can be fulfilled. Women are only limited from holding the leadership role of an elder - the senior most position in the church.


4. Contextual Worship

We believe that God has created us to worship Him and that worship is expressed through the mediums of the culture where we minister. Our songs and various expressions of worship take their form from the Baltimore culture. We value authenticity, creativity and excellence in our worship. We also express our value of contextual worship by promoting artistic endeavors that don’t necessarily find a home in the Sunday morning worship service.

5. Community

We are committed to one another and recognize the value that others play in our own spiritual growth. We express this value by gathering weekly in small groups from house to house. These small groups are not just for believers. We anticipate evangelism taking place through these small groups as well.

6. Prayer

We value prayer as a vital piece of God’s activity in our city. Prayer is the foundation for preaching, evangelism, worship… every endeavor that we do as a community of believers. It is our chief expression of dependence upon God.


7. Missional

The term “Missional” describes the way that we do life and ministry. Being missional means intentionally living as missionaries in our neighborhoods. It means that we contextualize our sermons and musical worship. And we engage the community for the sake of the gospel in a language that they understand. Evangelism is not an isolated act or event. Instead evangelism is a lifestyle that we are committed to.

8. Justice and Mercy

We value the city where we live and believe that faithful obedience to Christ will manifest itself in a care for justice and mercy. We express this value by speaking up on behalf of the weak and vulnerable. We seek to relieve those in need and influence policy that will provide justice and mercy.

9. Church Planting

We value church planting because it is the way that God reaches neighborhoods and communities with the gospel. We express this value sending out church planters, giving financially to church planters and caring for those who have gone to plant.