The Fells Point Compassion Center

Back in early June the Lutheran Mission Society reached out to me about the Fells Point Compassion Center. They have a compelling story. The LMS has owned the Center for the past 50 years and it serves a vital role in the community. On any given day the homeless, first generation immigrants and those impoverished stop into the center to look through the items on the distribution floor. At first glance it looks like a thrift store, but it functions as a center meeting peoples physical and spiritual needs. 

But... The Center has been in bad shape for the past few years. Foot traffic has declined and the building has fallen into disrepair. It was in need of a change. 

The LMS offered to let our church use the building as long as we would manage the Center and get it back in good shape. It is a great trade for a new church and an amazing opportunity to love the people of Fells Point. 

Pastor Josh is now running the Center on Wednesdays and Fridays and the church will begin meeting in the Center on Sunday evenings. We will also begin the cleaning and rehab process over the next couple of months. The walls need to be repainted and the first floor needs to be dramatically improved.