Ministry Internships

Haven City Church offers a one-year residential ministry internship and a 10 week Summer internship. Both internships are an excellent opportunity to get real-world ministry experience in an urban environment. We have all kinds of opportunities to serve our community, disciple believers, lead worship services... And our interns are involved in all of these opportunities. 

There are four key components that make up our intern programs: 

  1. Clearly defined ministry responsibilities. You will know who and what you are responsible for and will meet with the team on a weekly basis to report on your progress. 
  2. Custom tailored discipleship with the pastoral staff. You will identify growth areas at the beginning of the internship and will take carefully crafted steps to grow as a Christian and as a leader based on your objectives. 
  3. A schedule. You will know when the internship starts and ends and you will have a clear weekly schedule that you can follow. 
  4. A plan to survive. You will know the cost of living in advance and we will help you have a plan to raise support or get a part time job during your internship. Note: the internship is not a paid position, but some grant funding may be available to offset some costs. 

For more information about the internship you can download the document here. 

And if you would like to apply to be an intern just click below: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Is this a paid internship? 

Answer: No. We coach our interns on raising their own support or they get a part time job to support themselves. We estimate that an intern will need around $25,000 to survive in the city for a year. 

Question: Will the church hire me at the end of the internship? 

Answer: Maybe, but it is unlikely. Our church has very few paid positions and very few open positions. Instead, we will work with our interns on taking steps to either stay in Baltimore, move into a full-time ministry job elsewhere, plant a church in the city, or make a career move. In an ideal scenario the internship serves as a stepping stone into something more permanent and self-sustaining. 

Question: Do I need a car? 

Answer: You do not need a car to live in Baltimore. As long as you live in the neighborhood you can easily walk to almost everything. You will wish you had a car to get out to the county or down to Washington D. C. It is up to you. Insurance is more expensive in the city and parking is usually challenging. 

Question: Where will I live? 

Answer: We ask that our interns live in Southeast Baltimore or in the inner harbor. This makes it easy to walk to our focus ministry area. We have a number of contacts for renting rooms or houses in this area. When the intern is 45 days out from arriving in Baltimore we begin to help them look for housing. We suggest interns budget $650 per month to be a roommate. There are some cases where rent is cheeper then that. 

Question: Is Baltimore dangerous? 

Answer: Yes. In 2018 it was rated the most dangerous city in America by USA Today. But almost 99% of crime is contextual. The homicides are taking place in specific neighborhoods at specific times and are based primarily on drug relationships gone bad. If you take some basic precautions you shouldn't have any issues. Remember, this is the home of famous employers like UnderArmor and Johns Hopkins University. They have very little problems attracting new employees and students. 

Question: When does the internship start? 

Answer: We generally like to start the internships in mid June or at the end of the Summer, but we have had interns join us at various times throughout the year. If you can't start at either of these times we can discuss other options.