Missions Team Trip from MS Recap

This past week Pine Grove Baptist Church was with us for a missions trip. Pastor Cody Warren brought six individuals up from Mississippi to pray for the city and serving local residents. Four of the team members were high school students on their Spring Break.  

The team arrived on Monday night and shared a excellent Italian dinner in Little Italy

Tuesday morning we headed out for a prayer walk through Southeast Baltimore. You can view the walking rout here. 

Here the team is praying for City Spring Elementary and Perkins Housing Project.

On Tuesday afternoon we headed up to Douglass Homes to help the service coordinator pass out paperwork to parents. The housing project is installing a new playground and they had an upcoming event for kids and parents to give input on the design. We knocked on doors and passed out the paperwork.  

Wednesday morning the team spent the day in the Compassion Center cleaning, organizing and processing donations. They also assisted with the chapel service in the morning. 

Here are some of the guys processing donated items in the Compassion Center

Here are some of the guys processing donated items in the Compassion Center

Thursday morning we did our Bus Stop Outreach. This is where we hand out free coffee at the bus stop and look to have gospel conversations with people as they walk by. After about an hour the crowd thinned out and we decided to move the free coffee four blocks North to the local drug rehab block. There are always large groups of people standing on the street. It can look like an intimidating crowd but once in a conversation you quickly realize that these guys are broken and trying to kick their addiction. 

We are very grateful to have Pine Grove Baptist Church's partnership. Their team was awesome.