Baltimore Flooding... In Ellicott City

We have received a lot of concerned messages about the flooding in Ellicott City. We are grateful that so many people care about our safey. The devastating flood that took place was actually a repeat of a flash flood that happened in 2016. Unfortunately, the design of the city and surrounding development has made this type of flooding more probable. 

As in 2016, there is not a lot that can be done in terms of relief. A majority of the damage is to local businesses on Main St. The whole area is shut down as the structures are examined and debris is removed.

I'm sure there will be a rebuilding process and those businesses would appreciate your patronage. If you haven't been to Main St. Ellicott City then you are missing out. It is a great old town on the East Coast. 

Again, thanks for caring about us from afar. And don't forget to pray for Baltimore. While the devastation of this flood is spectacular to look at, please remember our our city is being decimated by homicide, poverty, corrupt government, drugs and injustice. These issues represent the loss of thousands of lives. And as a church we are committed to a transformational work over a long period of time.