Season One Trailer

Thanks for checking out the trailer for I Love Humans. (Subscribe on iTunes) This is a hyper local podcast focused on people-care in Southeast Baltimore. It is my objective to discover how different organizations are serving the most vulnerable of our community and to listen to the opinions of those receiving care. If everything goes as planned we will have 12 episodes that are released weekly on Thursday mornings. 

This project was born out of a personal quest that I, Josh Turansky, undertook to understand people care in Southeast Baltimore. I am a pastor of a church in Fells Point, resident of Butcher's Hill, and manage the Compassion Center off Eastern Avenue (1706 Eastern Ave). Most of my week is spent caring for people in crisis. I am relatively new to the area and unfamiliar with how people are helped in the city. 

This podcast is areligious and apolitical. I'm not saying that you will agree with all the comments made by me or our guests. But my premise is that caring for fellow humans does not require a specific religious affiliation or political affiliation.

In each episode I will attempt to uncover practical and concrete ways Southeast Baltimore residents can participate in people care. I'm also open to feedback and suggestions on what that care might look like. 

I'm not a sound engineer by trade. I'm trying to learn the basics as fast as possible, but please bear with me as I learn to capture great audio and edit it. 

If you like what you hear please recommend it to a friend, leave a review on iTunes, or share it on social media.  

I want to thank my church for hosting the podcast and underwriting the cost of production. Haven City Church is the sole sponsor for this first season. 

You can leave comments below or contact me through the contact form on the church web site.