The Immerse Bible Reading Experience

This Sunday we will begin the Immerse Bible Reading Experience. This is an 8 week program for us all to read through the New Testament.

Here is a quick summary of Immerse

Here are the four things you will need to do to participate:

First: Commit to reading the Immerse Reading Bible as you would any other book, from start to finish. The first goal here is to experience the different books of the Bible as complete and unique writings. The more books you read, the more you will see the overall story emerging. The point is to have a fresh experience of the Bible in this simple, natural format. You can pick up your copy this Sunday at church.

Secondly: Read the assigned readings each day. Don’t skip the book introductions; they help set the stage for your reading. Many people say reading and listening to the audio version at the same time is very helpful. Try to make your reading a part of your daily schedule. See it as an opportunity and not a task.

Third: As you read, think about the questions that you will use to begin your discussion. You can find these at the bottom of the Quick Start Guide that comes inside your book. Feel free to make notes in the book or in a separate journal. Write down your observations, questions, and reactions.

Fourth: Meet once a week in community groups to talk about what you’ve read. Treat these gatherings more like a book club—open, honest conversations about your reactions to that week’s reading.

Our small groups will be meeting in Fed Hill, Butcher's Hill, and The Compassion Center. We are also attempting to start a women's group that will meet in Perkins Homes. We will have sign up sheets on Sunday for these small groups.