Backpacks for City Spring School

The start of a new school year reminds us that the best way to secure a better future for Baltimore City is for us to make certain our children receive a good education. And one way we can help in that effort, right now, is to equip the students with the tools they need to succeed.

We are asking for your help in supplying the students of City Springs Elementary/Middle School with the tools they need to make the most of the coming school year. City Springs is among the poorest schools in the city, with 98% of its students coming from low income households. Your generous donation of needed school supplies will be a solid investment in their future.

Our church has acquired backpacks for each of the school’s 775 students. Now we must fill them with the supplies needed to get these fine young people off to the best start when their academic year begins Tuesday, August 28th. Yes, as part of the Baltimore Curriculum Project, City Springs School will open a week earlier than other City public schools, and we must make certain these children are prepared.

I have asked members of our church to volunteer on this project, and assist me in gathering the needed notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, folders and more from retailers and other businesses throughout our community, all of whom share a vested interest in our children’s success. 

Haven City Church is an established 501c-3 organization and will provide contributors with proper documentation of any tax-deductible contribution. Linked here is a list of the supplies we need most at this time

There are three ways that you can contribute: 

  1. Purchase via an Amazon Wishlist and ship to the Compassion Center
  2. Buy the stuff locally and drop it off at the Compassion Center
  3. Donate finances so that we can purchase the supplies

All of us at Haven City Church, and at City Springs Elementary/Middle School, thank you most sincerely for joining our effort to make this the best school year yet for the highly valuable young people of Baltimore City, and City Springs School.