Preparing Our Hearts for the Cross

Tomorrow morning we will gather at 10 AM to worship Jesus and yield to his leadership in our life. He is the wellspring of our purpose, meaning and identify. And as we place our focus on the story of the Cross we will encounter him afresh in those ways. 

I’ve composed this email as guide to prepare your heart for corporate worship. 

We will examine the Cross from Luke 23:26-43. Go ahead and refresh yourself on this text so you are ready for the study tomorrow. The kids will continue their study out of Ruth. 

Here are the worship songs we will sing tomorrow morning with links to YouTube: 

Check out this video about atonement and sacrifice:

A quote to meditate on:

“From the bruised heel of Genesis to the reigning lamb of Revelation, the Bible is a redemptive story of a crucified Messiah who will accomplish a royal victory through atoning suffering.” Jeremy Treat, Crucified King

Questions to ask yourself: 

  • How do I presently experience the historic Cross of Jesus? What meaning does it inject into my life today? 

  • How does the Cross of Jesus shape my self-perception and identity? 

If you would like to go deeper on the study of atonement and the Cross you may want to read:

Finally, remember that God wants to use you tomorrow as much as he wants you to receive his work in your life. God wants to pour his love out on other people through your gracious words and listening ear. Come with a heart prepared to serve and love the body of Christ. And be listening for what God wants to say to you in this time.