7 Amazing Ways To Give Back in SE Baltimore

Whether you are new or old to Southeast Baltimore there is always space to give back. There are some amazing initiatives happening on a weekly basis. Here are seven that you should consider:

  1. Thread - Thread is doing an amazing job of working with kids who are struggling academically. Their numbers do not lie. Check them out here.

  2. City Spring Elementary and Middle School - They have a partners meeting quarterly and there is a huge variety of opportunities to serve. If you want to help, contact the school and ask for Mr. Collick.

  3. The Compassion Center - This is a relief center that distributes food, clothing and household items into the community. They always can use volunteers.

  4. Friends of Patterson Park - If you want to make Patterson Park a better place this is the place to volunteer.

  5. BARCS - If you want to work with animals in Baltimore then BARCS is where you need to be.

  6. Reading Partners Baltimore - This is another youth focused volunteer opportunity. Helping a kid learn to read is an amazing way to contribute to our future.

  7. Casey Cares - They do a lot of work with families facing critical illness situations. And they are looking for volunteers.

You can find an exhaustive list of volunteer opportunities here.